Geo-Technical Engineering

Data Processing and Analysis
  • Mapping and Geospatial Data Analysis
  • Oil Spill Simulation
  • Modeling of Subsea Motor Drive with Hydraulic Pump
  • Natural Gas Storage Intrinsic Valuation and Optimization
  • Seismic Data Processing and Analysis
  • Energy Data Analysis
  • Huge Set of Data Analysis
  • Monitor data (for instance torque as a function of angle) during the screwing of tubes
  • Automatic detection of issues (breaking, leakage) with the tubing string
  • Model Base Design for sensor development, electronics and tools for testing well quality
  • FEM Modeling of pipe string
  • Onboard Processing through High Temperature DSPs and FPGA’s
  • Conventional core analysis for
    - Reservoir characterization
    - Coal Bed Methane (CBM) or Coal Mine Methane (CMM)   exploration
    - Geotechnical projects
    - Construction projects

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