SimWise consists of SimWise Motion, which provides 3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation, and SimWise FEA which provides linear static, normal modes, steady state thermal, and buckling FEA analysis.

SimWise 4D is the combination of SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA resulting in one seamlessly integrated mechanical simulation product. SimWise 4D delivers the same independent capabilities as SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA but the integration produces a coupled Motion and FEA capability that computes the stresses resulting from the dynamic loads induced by the motion of an assembly.

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  • Working Model is the best selling motion simulation product in the world. Confirm your design with powerful analytical tools.

    The world's most popular CAE tool, Working Model is a conceptual design tool that allows you to create simulations that replace vague, time consuming, inaccurate “back of the envelope” calculations. Working Model has been adopted by thousands of professional engineers to create and analyze real-life mechanical systems. It has been designed from the ground up to optimize performance on the Windows 2000/XP operating systems. Working Model includes automatic collision detection and responses for NURBS geometry. Our latest release also includes such popular scripts as Flexbeam, Shear and Bending Moment, and Pin Friction. These scripts have been customized to expand your use of Working Model.

    At every stage in the product development cycle, Working Model lets you do more. What used to take days now takes hours, giving you more time to do the job, and saving your company money. In fact, many of our customers say that Working Model paid for itself the first time they used it.

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  • Interactive Physics helps students visualize and learn abstract concepts. It also lets you and your students alter the physical properties of the simulation environment, and view changes in important measurements while the simulation runs. If you can use a mouse, you can use Interactive Physics. There is no programming required.

    • Create objects by drawing circles, blocks, and polygons
    • Measure velocity, acceleration, force, momentum, energy, etc., in metric or English units
    • Create ropes, springs, dampers, pulleys, slots, linear actuators, and rotational motors
    • Hear and measure sound volumes, sound frequencies, and Doppler effects
    • Vary air resistance, gravity, or material properties
    • Create visually appealing presentations by attaching graphics to objects
    • View results as numbers, graphs, and animated vectors

    Interactive Physics is a powerful tool for discovery learning. It develops inquiry skills and physics knowledge by allowing the user to vary nearly any physical parameter (e.g., gravity, force, speed, spring constants) and to measure its effect on nearly any measurable quantity (e.g., position, torque, decibel level).

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